A VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) service is an ever popular business and residential feature, with many found alongside a standard phone line provider. The VoIP allows for cheaper voice calls over your internet connection, but lacks many services provided by a standard phone company, such as; emergency numbers, directory enquiries, call back, etc. The user will also have to burden the cost of a reasonable quality internet connection, but with low cost local & International calls, often this is justified and in the long-term can be very cost affective.

If you are thinking of subscribing to a VoIP service, then hopefully the following Kreativology review may aid you in your search for a VoIP service you can rely on and is suited to your needs:

1. Callcentric

This easy to use VoIP service not only allows you to make and receive voice calls to standard landline and mobile phones at a low cost rate, but it also provides free calls to other Callcentric users. Simply put, if your business partners, family and friends also use Callcentric, then you won’t pay a cent, dime or penny to talk. Numbers start with 1777, which is provided free of charge upon signing up. Support is given to a large array of devices and iPhone & Android Apps are provided for convenience. Switching through pricing plans is simple and very flexible should your personal circumstances change.

Verdict: A simple and clean interface makes for an appealing experience.

2. Grasshopper

This Grasshopper VoIP service provider is a powerful tool for business and residential clients. Singing up is very easy and often done within minutes. Pick a number, record a custom greeting, add departments/employees and start receiving calls, voicemails and faxes anywhere instantly. Grasshopper comes with a large array of features – customised extensions, (i.e. Press 1 for Existing Customer, Press 2 for Repairs, etc), toll free or local numbers, caller ID, voicemail, faxes via email, texting (sms), on-hold music, name directory, conference calling, call forwarding and loads of others.

Verdict: With no hardware to purchase or install and you even get to keep your existing phone number, Grasshopper makes for a perfect all-round VoIP provider.

Turn the World Into Your Office

3. Jive Communications Inc.

The Jive VoIP is a cloud-based service that offers communications primarily to businesses but can also be suited to public consumers that want extra features. Caller ID, voicemails, desktop integration, call queuing, speed dial, online fax, reports, logs and even call forwarding through back-end customisation is allowed and ideal features for the business user. A standard high-quality internet connection is required. Jive allows you to conduct unlimited local and long-distance U.S. calls and affordable international.

Verdict: If you crave features, then Jive is ideal – especially for business users.

4. Riogio

With Riogio VoIP, its basic features include caller ID, call routing, call recording, on-hold music and customer information displayed during calls. Riogio is a cloud-based platform with syncing abilities to Google CRM, that provides monthly costing plans for unlimited local call minutes per user. An iPhone & Android App is available for convenience and ideal for users on the go. CRM integration is perfect for any size business, with access to customer details, names, status, history and much more.

Verdict: If CRM integration is important to you, then Riogio could give your business that extra mile. Per-user monthly fee plans.

5. VoIP.com

Established in 2006, this perfectly named VoIP service provider – VoIP.com caters to residential and small businesses alike. Like all other VoIP providers, a reasonable internet connection is required, but VoIP.com comes with an array of free features alongside paid add-ons. Plans are on a month by month basis and can include free long-distance calls.

Verdict: Setting up is easy and normally done within a number of minutes. Free long-distance calling on many monthly plans is also attractive.

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Marco A. Nogueira (BSc (Hons), MA, SAC DIP, MCIM)