Social media is an inevitable tool in any marketing communications specialist’s arsenal – avoid it at your peril. Social media is a product of the modern world that can alter views, capture customers, strengthen brands or destroy them.

Let’s face it, we have all spent a lot of time on at least one of these platforms and as a marketing communications professional, I couldn’t recommend it more for reaching out to a limitless audience.

These are my top 5 Social media platforms for your business success:

1. Facebook

By far the most popular of all social media networks with an estimated 1 million businesses of various sizes advertising on here.

2. Twitter

This platform revolutionised social media in a way that was unexpected. After all who likes being restricted to the amount of characters you can type. This however isn’t the case, the idea works, and it works very well. By Tweeting you are reaching out to an abundance of potential customers, with an estimate 81% of Twitter’s advertising revenue coming from mobile users.

3. YouTube

This Social media platform is simply the master of video media. Getting it right on this platform can send your message viral within a matter of hours. Getting it wrong however, can also have the same affect. There is an estimated 6 billion hours of video per month and 1 billion watched per day via mobile platforms.

4. Instagram

Marketing on this platform is an exceptional way of telling your story visually. These is an estimated 290 million users monthly which makes it a strong platform to market and communicate your businesses values and services.

5. LinkedIn

Primarily a business networking and interaction platform, LinkedIn has grown substantially, added extra features and placed itself as the world’s largest professional networking site. Currently it is estimated to have an estimated 300 million global users, making it a very attractive site for marketing and communications.

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Marco A. Nogueira (BSc (Hons), MA, SAC DIP, MCIM)