Email marketing may feel like old school nowadays but it is still a great asset for any marketing communications professional. Through the use of emailing you can achieve many objectives internally and externally. As long as you plan your email correctly, its design is appealing, it arrives at the right time of day and to the specified correct target group, then you will surely attract customers… and if anything else, it will surely help to keep your companies brand in front of your customer. I had a client that was providing a great health supplement use precisely this option, and it worked out great for them. They gave me some samples to try and I was surprised with how much better I felt on a daily basis. I guess that’s what getting the nutrients you need will do for you. If you would like to check it out for yourself you can go to their site for more information.

I have used numerous email marketing services throughout my career and therefore these are my top 5 email marketing services:

1. Dotmailer

I often used Dotmailer throughout my career, mainly for private clients. The service is very intuitive and it is extremely simple to piece together a quick email. You have a selection of template formats to choose from or you can build your own with simple drag and drop technology. Coding isn’t a necessity but like always it does help to know some because sometimes the outcome you would like, is simply unachievable using its grab and drop features.

2. ExactTarget

This email service provider is extremely powerful and is one that I have used throughout my career. It might take longer on the uptake to grasp than other email marketing services, but once you have an idea of what you are doing, it becomes second nature. It has numerous features for organising emails, social integration, creating dynamic emails and even creating landing pages. My only concern would be that the user would have to have an in-depth knowledge of HTML to develop the emails and use some of its many programmatic features. Although, an external editor program such as Dreamweaver can help. In addition, uploading and linking images can be a pain! With all this in to consideration, this is still a great and powerful program to use but not advisable for the novice.

3. MailChimp

A long established email marketing service provider, MailChimp has usability at its forefront and simple clean user-friendly templates. It integrates well with external programs such as Google Analytics but internally it lack reporting and tracking power. I would recommend this if you’re new to email marketing but then move onto something with more reporting aspects.

4. Sailthru

This email marketing service provider is a master in personalisation. When a user receives an email it learns via a cookie their interactions. Based on these interactions it then can create a personalised email for each user. Sailthru is a very powerful service for keeping customers interested and loyal to your business, although, not a great service for generating new leads. In addition, it is somewhat costly to use!

5. Marketo

Another powerful tool for marketing your business – Marketo has an excellent email deliverability rate and its drip campaign tool is ideal for email targeting. Its interface is not very intuitive and can seem clumsy at times. If you are not a seasoned HTML programmer you might want to avoid this service.

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Marco A. Nogueira (BSc (Hons), MA, SAC DIP, MCIM)